Waiting on His Mother’s Smile

You ARE, your child’s world, you DO realize that, don’t you??? Problems in the family, once again, translated…
In the early mornings, I’d taken my dog along, to a small path to exercise, I’d met the son of my once community college classmate, En, he’d hauled along his heavy backpack, and was on his way to school.
That originally frozen face, upon realizing my face, started shining, ever so brightly toward me. I’d chatted with him, and asked how his mother is. He said, that his mother is still as she’d been, not at all happy, and she’d only smiled when friends come by to visit her.
En’s mother is a Vietnamese bride, extraordinarily beautiful, during the month of rest after she’d had En, she’d started making handicrafts, to help out the family economics, she’d worked day and night, and the result of overworking, tiring herself out, was that she’d gotten a STROKE at such a young age! Later, even though, with extensive rehabilitations, she still couldn’t return to the way she was before. Secondly, the lonely country life, it made her, a foreigner, feel even lonelier, and so, she became depressed, and had attempted suicide too.
I told En, that he needed to hold a positive outlook on life, to NOT get affected by his mom. Without knowing, that he’d told me, with extraordinary optimism, “Depression is not hereditary.”, and, that’s clearly telling me, that I’m worrying too much. I told him, that if his mom did something stupid, he needed to tell an adult immediately.
He’d replied with firmness, “Mom says that after five years when I graduated middle school, she will go and do that thing.” I was shocked, his mother should NOT be telling him that, after all, he is only ten, and inside his young mind, he must have been withstanding a TON of worries and fears.
I encouraged him, “Work hard in school, maybe, you can find a way, to help your mom get better.” This time, he looked at me, with a scent of not understanding me.
On the way to school, he still stopped, and said to me, in an all-too-sweet voice, “Aunt, you must come over to my house to play some time!”
En’s mother lived in depression for so long, not knowing that she was blessed with a little angel. This child, is like a small weed, growing in the cracks, even though, he didn’t have a good environment, he’d still welcomed the sun in, with great optimism.
Parents who are trapped, if you can look over at your children more, then, you’d realize, that your motivations for keep going is your children. So, En’s mom, my dearest, your child is staying constantly by your side, waiting to see you smile. Please, don’t disappoint him!
So, this, is a family with a foreign bride, and, the mother, being away from home, and now, she’d become STUCK with her son, without realizing, that her son is needing him, and the mother is so selfish, thinking ONLY of her wellbeing, without realizing, that her behaviors would affect her son, but thankfully, this kid has positive outlook toward life, and, his blind optimism is probably NOT inborn…

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