The Department Head Raped, His Wife Forgave Him, and He Did it Again

That, is W-H-Y, males should get N-E-U-T-E-R-E-D here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A former department head, Huang, from Aletheia University, seven years ago, raped a female student, and was FIRED from his teaching post, Huang’s wife was his student too, not only does she forgive him, she’d even took out a loan from her mother’s side of the family to help him.  Later, the couple immigrated to Singapore, without knowing, that Huang had cheated on his wife, with a Chinese woman, Huang’s wife wanted a divorce, and was beaten up by him.  The District Court in Shihlin yesterday, granted his wife the divorce.

But because the two kids are studying in Singapore, and wouldn’t come back to Taiwan, so, the custody went to the husband; but the courts allowed the mother to call them up, to write them, any time she wanted to, and could go over to visit her kids during the winter and summer vacations, and that the father should NOT stop her from doing so.

On December 23, 2006, the Aletheia University held a ocean sports seminar, on that same day, the sport department head, Lu, called up Huang, Wu, the department head of the same major from another school, along with other instructors and some students to a luncheon.

After the meal, Lu had asked two female students to help Huang and Wu, who’d gotten too drunk to their hotel suites, but, after Wu went into his hotel room, he’d ripped the female student’s shirt, and raped her, the student did all she could to fight him off, and Huang was found guilty of obstruction of sexual freedom, and given a year and a half prison term, which he was waiting three years to serve.

And Huang had lost his job because of this, without the source of income, Huang’s wife, who’d just had a second baby, could only call up her own family for help, and they’d lived off of the borrowed money.  In 2009, the family of four immigrated to Singapore, and his wife found out, that Huang had been texting a Chinese woman sexually illicit messages, he had betrayed her in their marriage once more.

The wife, Hsieh told, that after they’d married, her husband had cheated on her habitually, and when the world came down on him for his rape of that college student, she’d chose to hold it all in, but her husband still didn’t change his bad behaviors.  She’d accused, that in July of 2011, she’d talked to him about getting a divorce, and that same night when she’d gone to bed to sleep, he’d attempted to murder her, by suffocation; later, he’d become more violent toward her, and chased her back to Taiwan.

The judge reviewed the medical records of the hospital in Singapore, along with the damage reports the wife had here, at Cathay Hospital, and believed that she wasn’t lying.

The Shihlin District Court believed, that Huang could NOT hold a teaching post because of his rape prior, his wife followed him to Singapore, stood by his side, and was often beaten up, and that her situations matched the law that stated that beating up someone who lived with you is illegal, and granted her divorce.

And so, there’s another L-O-S-E-R, who’d cheated on his wife, and the woman was DUMB enough (feel free to take offense!!!) to forgive him, and, after this LOSER lost HIS job, because of how he’d FUCKED a student, the wife still STOOD by HIS side (are you FUCKING kidding me here), and, it wasn’t until he’d cheated on her AGAINST, when they were overseas, did she pull the “plug”?  How much of this CAN a woman take?  And, a woman has a LIMIT, and, she will keep on holding it all in, keep on lying to herself, that he’ll change, when she’s only anesthetizing herself in life…………

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