Lucky to Have the Abilities to Help Others Out

Still better to give THAN to receive!!!  Translated…

In the early eighties, there was a classmate who set up roadside stands, came to me from Taipei from Hsinchu, gave me a check, and asked to borrow $200,000N.T., I’d told him, “Maybe the check will bounce.”, but he’d still looked very sincere, as he begged me some more, I’d said, “If the check bounces, I will hold you responsible!”, he’d agreed.

After the term of the loan was up, the check DID bounce, he’d promised to pay me back in installments.  I saw how he didn’t have a stable source of income, I’d consoled him to do another business, after my reminder, he’d found a job as an insurance sales agent, and enjoyed working.  After he’d established his stable source of income, he made good on his promise, paid back the $200,000N.T. in installments.

Because of how honest he is, a few years later, one of my female coworkers asked me to match her up, I was reminded of him, and so, I’d set up a date for them to meet, they started dating, and everything went smoothly, and I’d become the “matchmaking man”.

From his roadside stand to him getting married, he felt that I’d be nothing MORE than helpful toward him, and so, he’d given me his heartfelt thanks, and had told me, that I’m the one, who’d made a difference to him in life, and that if I ever needed him, he will come when I called.

After so many years now, he’d still come by my office, to chit-chat, and whether it be business or personal affairs, he’d helped me handle them.

I’m so lucky, to have this good friend from school, to help me along the way, it’s my luck and my honor, I will surely, treasure this relationship forever.

And so, that, is the results of helping out, so long as you did NOT hold the “prerequisite” of wanting the person whom you helped to pay you back.





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