He’d Given Her All His Wages, and the Twenty-Four Year Old Man Still Couldn’t Get His Fifty-One Year Old Girlfriend Back

Apparently, this DUDE here, IS blinded by L-O-V-E, or, maybe he’s got a SERIOUS case of the “mommy complex”, who knows???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-four year old man, Tien, who’s a mountain climbing guide fell in love at first sight, with a woman, who’s twenty-seven HIS senior, who worked as betel nut stand operator, he’d given Liu ALL his wages; awhile ago, Liu wanted to break up with him, Tien started flash-calling her, and had even climbed over the walls to her place, and was arrested by the police.

The police found, that Tien works as a mountain climbing guide, at 5’9, slimly built, but muscular.  Two years ago, he’d met Liu (age 51) who dressed provocatively, at a KTV, fell in love at first sight, didn’t care about their age difference, and against the family’s advising, moved in together.

After dating for a year, the guy’s family consoled him, but to no avail, Tien had even given Liu ALL of his earnings, to show, that he is willing to go the distance with her.  Without knowing, that at the end of last year, Liu started dating a new guy who’s ten years her junior, she’d kicked Tien out of their rental home.  After losing everything, Tien still felt love for her, kept calling her nonstop, hoping he could get her back; without knowing, that his passions weren’t returned, Liu couldn’t stand the harassments, asked the courts for a restraining order, hoping, to sever the love.

Tien still won’t take a hint, awhile ago, he’d gone to downstairs from where she lived, acted like Spider man, climbed up to her second story rental place; but they’d gotten into a disagreement over something, started fight, they got violent.  Liu reported it to the police, accused Tien of breaking and entering, and domestic violence.

“I can’t love her enough, who can I bear hitting her?”, Tien cried to the police when he was taken in for interrogations, the patrol officer did his best to comfort him, he couldn’t understand why, a handsome man as he, would fall for a woman who’s two years older than his own mother.

Tien’s father felt helpless toward his son’s behaviors, begged Liu to forgive him and drop the charges.  In the end, Liu caved, and dropped the claims of breaking and entering, but she’d still insisted on pursuing the charges of how he broke the rules of the restraining order she had on taken out on him.

And so, because we don’t have anything else to go on, so, we can only SPECULATE (and, speculations are almost NEVER right!!!), that this young man didn’t have a mother-figure growing up, and so, he’d fallen for this older woman at first sight, and maybe, he was drawn to her, as a mother he never had growing up, who knows???










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