Telling Her Thanks Once More

Showing gratitude here, translated…

Because my company moved its factory from San-Ming to Niao-Song in Kaohsiung, and I’d gotten used to dining out for lunch, and now, I must find another place I can go, to get my lunch.

About a week later, I’d come to a breakfast shop, it had a triangular window, with a small garden, soft music playing, the decorations are very homey, and the food the shop carries are multidimensional too.  The young lady who came to take my order was a dark-skinned girl in a ponytail, she’d smiled and nodded to acknowledge me, I’d picked the seat next to the corner, with a window view, and ordered fried rice with eggs and ham.

The next day, after I’d just parked my car, the young girl ran out to me in a hurry, she’d handed me a menu, and said, in an unclear voice, “fried rice with eggs and ham!”

I was stumped, and the owner of the shop close by smiled, “She’d come to know you, recalled what you’d ordered yesterday, and she couldn’t recall what anybody else had ordered yesterday!”, the little girl couldn’t stop giggling next to me.

And so I’d told her, “Okay, I’ll have the fried rice with eggs and ham today, thank you!”

I saw that young girl, pouring cups of black tea, slowly, placed them into the sealing chambers, then, placed each cup into the fridge, she did it very slowly, but quite steadily.

The owner handed me the plate of food, and apologized in a light voice, “May is slow, but, because of your thank you, she’d felt appreciated, that, was why she’d remembered you.  After you’d left yesterday, she’d kept chiming, ‘the customer told me thanks!’, I’m sorry if it had inconvenienced you!”, the boss bowed to me.

Turns out, that this owner had great compassion, and hired May, who’s handicapped, and he’d taught her over and over again, without losing his patience, thankfully, May’s conditions aren’t that awful, and she would not be troublesome to the customers too much.

After the boss finished speaking, he’d ran to May and tell her, “Why so many cups of black tea?  It’s filled up the entire refrigerator!  I told you to get some black tea and milk tea!  Give the lady her black tea!”

After May handed the tea to me, I’d told her thank you again.  She’d smiled more radiantly, and shrugged her shoulders shyly, I told her, “I’m ordering noodles tomorrow, please remember that!  Thank you so very much!”, and May nodded toward me constantly.

All it takes, is a little kindness, and that had made this girl’s day bright, but sometimes, we’d get too caught up in ourselves, that we forgot to pay attention, to these small things in life, and that, is how we will miss out.

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