Stole Her Money, then, Loaned it Back to Her, the Serial Number Had Caused Him to Get Caught

What can I say???  It’s still K-A-R-M-A, and, that still just shows Y-O-U, that IF you do something bad, you WILL get C-A-U-G-H-T!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A male employee, Huang, at a mall, was suspected of stealing his coworker, Lee’s $8,300 new money, with consecutive serial numbers, then, he was “kind enough”, to let her borrow $9,000N.T., and Lee discovered, that the serial number on the the eight thousand dollar bills were consecutive, and became suspicious, that evening, Huang admitted to taking it from her, and said that “I didn’t think I’d get caught”, and was prosecuted based off of theft charges.

The police investigated, that in the food courts of a mall in Hsinbei City, a woman placed her wallet next to the cash register, and the wallet was stolen by her twenty-three year-old coworker, Huang, he’d taken out the $8,300N.T. for himself, and tossed Lee’s identification card, along with her credit cards, into the trash can in the kitchen area.

Lee needed the money for emergency, asked Huang to borrow some, without a second thought, he’d agreed to it, took out his own $1,000N.T. bill, along with the eight he’d stolen from her, but Lee discovered, that the serial numbers on the eight thousand dollar bills are consecutive, and that she’d recalled how the money stolen from her was the same way, felt that it was too much of a coincidence, and called the police.

Lee claimed that awhile ago, she’d borrowed $10,000N.T. from a friend, and because her friend, Chen, had given her the money, from her own year-end bonus, and the money was brand new, with consecutive serial numbers, and that Lee remembered it well.  The police reviewed the surveillance, and ruled out that someone from the outside could have done this, and zoomed in on the employees at the mall.

Back then, after the mall had closed, the police called Huang back in, he had a strange look on his face, which made the police suspect even more.  At first, he’d denied having stolen the money, the police told him how it was a criminal act to steal, and consoled him, “You’re still very young, don’t sacrifice your whole life because of your own greed”, that, was when Huang admitted to taking the money, “I thought nobody would know”.

Well, how can someone NOT know, that their money’s been taken, and, are plain STUPID, or are you just plain S-T-U-P-I-D, and that still tells you, that IF you do something bad, you WILL get caught, there’s NO escaping karma, and, when karma comes after you, it WILL be a TOTAL BITCH, and you will P-A-Y, if you’d done something evil!!!

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