Let’s see, what’s C-O-O-K-I-N-G here, shall we then???  Translated…

Two teaspoons of ambition

Three-hundred fifty grams of greed

Five milliliters worth of rumors

Six cups of lies

Eight bottles of blood

The cruelties of a few tanks

The patriotism of a few helicopters

Adjust to the temperatures of the explosions

Wait, to hear those helpless screams

Along with the calls of sorrows for deaths

Then, you will, savor this delicious product

A dish of W-A-R

And, we’d still ruined OURSELVES, because all of the ingredients for this “recipe” is NOT found anywhere E-L-S-E, but inside each and every one of us, which makes us that much MORE responsible, for what’s happening out there (in the world???  Hello, hello, hello???)

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Filed under Awareness, Despair, Everyone Else's Fault, Excuses, Hindsight, Life, Nowhere Is Safe, Observations, Poetry, Stupidity, Wake Up Calls, Writing

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