An “Unintentional” Shooting…

Uh, are you P-S-Y-C-H-O?  How, can a shooting be unintentionally, is it like how those losers’ excuses of how oh, she tripped and was about to FALL on that sharp knife, and my DICK had help saved her?

An “unintentional” shooting?  So, did you just happen, to CARELESSLY mistook that GUN for your pack lunches?   There is NO such thing, and that, would be what those sleazy (no offense!!!) lawyers say, to get their clients OFF the hook, but, someone DID die, in that “unintentional” shooting that you were a part of, and you were the ones, with the G-U-N, so, guess how the VERDICT will read!!!

An “unintentional” shooting, maybe, the one who brought a gun didn’t plan to open fire, or maybe, the safety got off, and, the gun went off, and SHOT someone in the face, who knows, who C-A-R-E-S, what we care MORE about, is WHO’s going to take the responsibilities, for this “unintentional” misfortune???



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