Computer Crash

Did you forget to save???  Uh…uh………uh-oh!!!  Translated…

In practicing medicine, there’s this hidden change in the constancies of things.

The electronic records had helped standardized the process of treatment.  I saved all the reading to the computers, and learned to fill out the forms, like making a met, screening out the pointless pains; as if I’d built a wall, to stop the patients’ own worries from attacking.  Everything is so efficient.

But, from my peripheral vision, the hand signals from a patient, the avoidance of gazes, wanting to say something, but stopped, it’d kept troubling me.  I sensed, that the patients’ pains and sorrows, nor I, or the computers would know and understand.

Once, the computer crashed, everything slowed down.  I’d prescribed the meds, but, the sheet won’t get printed, the patient stared right at me.  I stared at the screen, not knowing what to do, so, I’d turned my head toward them, and started up a conversation, to relieve this awkwardness in the air and this inconvenience.

I accidentally discovered, that the patient was pouring his heart out to me.  For instance, he’d told me of the fears he had, battling his conditions, along with what the illness took from him.  Reminded me, that in the ivory tower of the hospital, there are still a LOT of things that the medical profession can’t define.  They’d talked with me so truthfully, I made it hard for me, to keep a straight face, and read off of the textbooks, and I’d started telling them my views on the various conditions too, and, used my empathy toward them.

And, the patient was ecstatic, as if he’d gotten a complete cure of medication.

That, was when I’d come to the understanding, that when the patients come see me, it wasn’t for the sake of their physical ailments completely, it’s how they felt that their conditions had severed them off from the world that they were searching for the reconnect, a stability that normal people have.  The numbers of the white blood cell counts, the tumor numbers, came on.  But, what the patient needed the most, is to be treated like humans, being listened to.

The computer finally came OUT of that serious comatose.  And, everybody else was complaining how slowly the system was finally rebooted, and I, was ecstatic, because of the enlightenment.  I will now, allow the patients to converse more with me, and get involved in their life experiences, to redraw the faces of the illnesses that the computers can’t.  Angels, are hidden inside the details of the stories of the patients.  Getting to know and understand them, I’d found my reason to keep practicing medicine now.

And so, because of that computer malfunction, you’d gained what you’d lost back, your HUMANITY, and some time, those doctors are too focused on treating the diseases that they FAILED to realize, that they should be treating the PERSON instead, and that, is how cold the medical profession is still getting…but, this doctor, he’d gotten HIS wake up call already!!!


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