Clean Out Your Psychological Garbage, Love Yourselves More

Because the new year’s rollin’ in, because we all need to U-N-L-O-A-D the TRASH we’d carried from this past year??? Translated…
As we were growing up, every year, from cleaning before the New Year’s Holidays, to making those meals, to welcome the guests who came by our house to wish us a happy new year, we had to busy ourselves for quite awhile. And, we’d saved up on treating ourselves well, and, around New Years, we’d let loose, and treat ourselves to a full-course meal, an assortment of foods and snacks, we’d STUFFED our faces with them from dawn ‘til dusk, until we’re all about to EXPLODE, like we’re torturing ourselves, and I just can’t think back to that time in my life again.
After I married, there are NOT many children from my husband’s side of the family, but we’d had a TON of friends, and so, I’d duplicated my childhood experiences. Six years my husband went abroad after the New Years, and he’d died without any warning, leaving just me and my child here, and, since then, we’d gone back to my mother’s home to spend our New Year’s holidays. And, we’d reduced and simplified the diets, and we’d headed to the supermarkets as the food ran out, and we’d broken free from the chains of food, and had more time to spend with our families too.
This year, my daughter took her boyfriend back home for the first time; my son and his girlfriend cleaned out a TON of stuff, and I’d held back on my impulse to get everything that they’d thrown out back in again, to make the guest room for them. I’m really glad, that my children had found someone they loved, and I’d feel the load, lessened from my shoulders.
Even though, my daughter helped out with cleaning the house, as the New Years approached, I still had to clean out the emotional trash inside my mind, through praying, I’d cleaned out the trash, to NOT waste another moment on ruminating over the bad things, to get me depressed; soaking up myself, to allow life to renew itself again, to make MORE space inside my brains, so I won’t become demented. At the same time, I’d followed my “Three’s Plan” for exercise weekly, and the only thing that didn’t get down was that I didn’t get enough sleep.
In the past, I’d had the New Years for someone else’s sakes, and this year, I will love myself more, to NOT become a burden, a worry, to my son and my daughter.
And so, as you approach old age, you realized, that you MUST take care of yourselves, as your children are grown, and they have their own lives too, and, the death of the husband was a wake-up call for this woman, to turn her lifestyle around too.

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