Reason Why He Stole

Another ADULT child, that couldn’t handle things without HIS mama, from the newspapers online, translated…

“Because my mom is away, and I got too hungry, that, was why I’d stole!”, a college student, Jeng, who weighed OVER one-hundred kilograms, went to a certain supermarket, and shoplifted a quarter leg, some snacks, drinks, along with other food items, the store clerk stopped him, and the cops arrested him.  The store clerk, said that Jeng had managed to shoplift the ENTIRE full course meal, including the gum for after the meal too.

The currently “on-break” college student, Jeng (age 23, with theft priors), three afternoons ago, at three in the afternoon, while the store clerk wasn’t watching, he’d shoplifted a quarter leg, some chips, and placed it in his bag.  And because this wasn’t his first time, shoplifting, the store camera had zoomed in on him the moment he’d walked into the shop.

The clerk said, that Jeng weighed over one hundred kilograms by the way he looked, the “lunch” he’d stole include a quarter leg, a side dish, along with a drink, etc., etc., etc., along with juice, and gum too, for after he ate.  The clerk laughed and told, “it’s truly nutritious!”

The police discovered, that as Jeng put the food inside his sack, the store clerk had asked him to show the bag, hoping he’d returned the shoplifted items on his own, but he didn’t, but as Jeng saw the store clerk approached him, he’d pretended to be on the phones, and asked the clerk about other products, hoping he could divert the clerk’s attention.

The college student told, that his mother is currently abroad, and he got hungry, but didn’t know how to cook, that, was why he’d stole; after the police heard his pleas, they’d booked him, on theft charges.

Wow, so here, we still have someone, who SHOULD BE old enough, to HANDLE things on his own, but, HIS mama had taken real good care of him that it kept him from growing UP, and now, his mama’s away, he ran out of food, so, he shoplifted from a store?  Where is the youth going today?  Oh yeah, you’re still declining, more and MORE, by the G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N-S here, hello, hello, hello???






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