Another School Shooting

From as early as Columbine H.S. back in 1999 (and yeah, I looked THAT up too!!!), to the recent year’s Sandy Hook Elementary, along with that ten-year-old who’s SHOT by her little nine-year-old third grade classmate, because his mama couldn’t keep her GUNS locked up safe and sound, now, there are still MORE on the way…

Another school shooting, so, your point is?  THROW out the Second Amendment (are you SURE you want to do that, b/c you’ll surely ANGER a TON of gun lovers, your members of NRA’s and what not), or, should we have a STRICTER background check on gun ownership?  But, sometimes, those who owned the guns aren’t the one shooting someone, it’s how easily those GUNS are accessible.

And so, what, did we learn, from yet, ANOTHER school shooting?  Absolutely NOTHING, because it hasn’t happened in OUR neighborhoods yet, and even IF it’d happened in OUR neighborhoods, it still wasn’t anybody we know, we loved, or cared about (like your relatives???) who’d gotten SHOT dead, so, we don’t care.  And the world is still, slowly, DROPPING below FREEZING temperature, and, you DO know, how placing that BAN on the Second Amendment Rights is still NOT the answer, right???








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