An Attorney Who Asked Someone to Move His Car Because It Was Blocking People’s Paths Got Beaten and KICKED Down

Altruism, well, it still B-I-T-E-S, doesn’t it???  Of course it D-O-E-S, and this man only TRIED to get someone to MOVE his car, because it was blocking everybody else too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An attorney, Hsieh, yesterday morning when he’d gone out to get breakfast, because there was a car blocking the street, causing a traffic jam, he went up to the driver, and told him to move, instead, he was beaten onto the ground TWICE by the driver.  And, the footage was captured by an onlooker, and was posted online, it had gotten the online community raging too.

The footage of Hsieh, the attorney, getting beaten down had gotten everybody angered, someone called him “Mr. Justice”, and others said that it was the character of the lawyer, and nicked named him “Brother Justice”.  Hsieh, the lawyer said, that he was “shocked!”, that he normally defended others in court, unknowing, that yesterday, he’d become a plaintiff.  He’d also felt bad for his wife who worried about him, and that he’d told the press that the next time he saw an injustice happen, he will think twice before he acted.

The attorney stated, that yesterday at around ten in the morn, he’d gone to a namely breakfast shop in his neighborhood to buy breakfast, and he saw how a black sedan managed to block the street entrance, and that there were a LOT of the passersby who got trapped by the car, there were two other handicapped individuals on their four-wheel motorcycles having trouble passing the street, and, a passerby, a middle-aged man also tapped on the car window, to ask the driver to move.

Hsieh pointed out, that the driver, Kao, didn’t move his car right away, instead, he’d came outside, with a sour look on his face, got into an argument with the man who tapped on his window, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and told the man, “You’re the one who’s blocking EVERYBODY else, and you don’t move, instead, you create trouble for the rest of us?”, five minutes later, Kao, the driver had someone with him, and hit the lawyer’s head, and kicked him onto the ground, the lawyer lost his glasses.

After Hsieh had fallen to the ground, he was kicked several more times by the men, and bystanders started screaming, “RUN!”; after Kao and the other man was pulled off of Hsieh, Hsieh called the police.

Hsieh claimed that seeing him dial the police, the man turned back around, and KICKED him down to the ground again, said, “You want to call the cops?  I’ll BEAT you to death!”, later, they were pulled apart by bystanders.  Immediately afterwards, Hsieh went to the hospital, and had a damage assessment report done on himself, and pressed charges, the doctor diagnosed him as having head trauma, scalp bleeding, along with contusions on his limbs.

The police investigated, that Kao and Yang in their twenties, yesterday was displeased at how Hsieh, the attorney tried to set him straight, after they’d moved the car, they’d gone to the breakfast shop, and started beating him, early evening yesterday, they were called into the police station to get their statements, Kao claimed that Hsieh was the one who started the fight first, and stated that he will press charges.  The police, after the interrogations, booked Kao, and Yang.

The attorney, Hsieh, was from a family of attorneys, his wife works as an attorney too, her uncle, Chang, was a D.A., ten years ago, he’d resided over a case of drug dealing, and, had once been shot by the drug dealers for twelve times, and got wounded, yesterday, her husband was beaten, it’d made her fear.  Even though, she was pound of him, getting dubbed with the title, “Mr. Justice”, she’d still reminded him, to watch out for his own safety.

And so, altruism is what got this man beaten up, and he was only telling those SCUMS that they should NOT be blocking the streets too, and was beaten up, and now, those two loser who beaten him up will get S-U-E-D!!!  Altruism…………still B-I-T-E-S, and this time, it gained the man several STITCHES to boot too.






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