How Many Families are Currently Waiting for Long-Term Care Assistance…

Because the population IS aging fast, and, if we don’t come up with a plan quickly, then, we’re all gonna get so SCREWED over, aren’t we???  We sure are!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Long-Term Care Act that’s been put on the backburner for many years had finally passed the first test by the Legislative department yesterday, this, is the first ACT to facing an aging population, to help the people out with their long-term care for their elderly parents, and, this, is paving the way to the “Long-Term Care Protections Act”, that’ll come later.

For now, there’s NOT enough resources for long-term care, and a lot of families are reliant on foreign aides to help out, or, those who couldn’t afford to hire, are strained between their own jobs, and being kind toward one’s own elderly.  Nearly a quarter of the primary caretakers feel stressed out, and, there are cases of how the caretakers couldn’t handle the stresses anymore, and so, they took their loved ones to commit suicide.  How long, must this society wait, to prevent this sort of tragedies from occurring over, over, and over again?

In order to find the resources for the never-ending need of long-term care, since 2008, Taiwan had implemented a insurance policy, “taking care of the elderly, is taking care of oneself”, the help from one another in the society, everybody only needed to pay a little extra into their national health insurance—about a fifth of the fees, then, it would be enough, to help the elderly people get the care they needed, so the families won’t have to worry.

But, making the long-term care insurance still doesn’t happen overnight, we must first, build up a system for it, otherwise, we’d have the money for the insurances, but, NO people to work, to help the elderly age appropriately……

Toward the aging of the society, the public expects the government and the legislative department to put out a plan that benefitted the citizens, to help the families out in caring for the elderly.  Right now, Taiwan is at crossroads in history, and we MUST pass the legislature quickly for the long-term care programs, then, we’d have the ability, to push forth with the plans, that way, we’d be able to set up an ideal program for the long-term care of the elderly population, if we don’t do this now, in the future, we will surely regret.

But, like the article said, making a law doesn’t happen OVERNIGHT, and, it’s still a LONG ways away, before we can make this work, but, at least, someone HAD brought it up, and, the writer is true on the fact, that the burdens of taking care of the elderly will only get HEAVIER, as there are less and less children being born.


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