The Father of the Lead of Super Junior Suspected of Murdering Both His Parents, Then, Committing Suicide

Another case of how dementia CAN take a toll on someone, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The lead of the South Korean music group, Super Junior, Park Jung-Su’s father and both his paternal grandparents were found dead, in a car accident, and the Korean websites started gossiping; the next day, the story took a sharp turn downward, the police verified, that the three individuals’ dead bodies were discovered in the home, and they’re suspecting that the father had killed both the grandparents, then, hung himself too.

The Korean press stated, that the police disclosed that Park’s sixty-year-old father had been troubled, for a long time by his own depression, was put in sole care of his demented elderly parents alone, was suspected of feeling drained, and the stresses were what caused him to kill himself.  He’d left a note: “I took my parents to heaven, keep living well without us, I’m so sorry, my children.”  Jun-Su Park, who was currently in the army, took an immediate leave to plan the funerals.

The police stated, that on the morning of the sixth around nine o’clock, they’d gotten a call from the father’s nephew, then, headed straight to an apartment complex, and found Park’s grandparents dead, on their bed, with the quilts over to the necks, and the father had hung himself using the handle of the closet, had been dead for quite awhile already.  The police speculated, that Park had strangled both his parents first, then, killed himself too, the time of death was at eleven o’clock at night on the fifth.  But, they’re also not ruling out that it is three suicides.

Park, twenty-six years ago, after divorcing his wife, he took care of his aging parents on his own, in recent years, both the parents were diagnosed with dementia, and they’d found that the mother had cancer in the terminal stage last year, and became wheelchair bound.  The three individuals were buried yesterday, and they’re planning the funeral for today.

The friends disclosed that Park, the father, recently gave their residence to the bank, to get money for the parents’ nursing home fees, planned to send them into assisted living a week later, but, a day before sending them into the nursing homes, he’d murdered his own parents, then committed suicide.  The neighbors and the super of the building said that they had NO idea that the grandparents are demented, the police heard the descriptions of the elderly by the neighbors as, “Very healthy, can still ride their bicycles, and can help his wife carry her bags.”

On the evening of the sixth, the lead singer went to the shrine, and all of a sudden, he’d lost three members of his family, his publicists asked the press not to report about it, causing him even more pain.

Other members of the band are like brothers, and so, they’d all paid their final respects, they’d all taken time from their own plans, to help the “captain” of the team out.

And so, this, is how taking care of one’s own demented parents became too burdensome for this man, he is aging too, and, he just couldn’t handle it anymore, and that, is how great the pressures can get, when you’re the sole caretaker of demented elderly.






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