As His Wedding Band Loosened…

He turned it, over, and over, around his left hand ring finger, and, as his wedding band loosened, he was shocked to find, that the love he’d felt, for his wife, is NO more, or, was there, ever any love?  Or, was it, something else entirely unrelated to love?

As his wedding band loosened, he took it off, and, played with it, and, all of a sudden, it dawned on him, that he’d been trapped, by this small, golden band.  As his wedding band loosened, he fell, into the arms, of another woman…

As his wedding band loosened, he didn’t think about getting it re-sized (can you do that???), instead, he slipped it off, carelessly, put it away, and now, he couldn’t remember where that thing was placed, and he got in trouble, for NOT wearing it like he was supposed to, as his wife had done…

As his wedding band loosened, he’d started making excuses for NOT wearing it, and, people around him started thinking, that he’s NO longer married to his wife.  As his wedding band loosened?  That happened, way, way, W-A-Y after he stopped loving her, and, they’re at the end of their ropes, wondering, IF there’s anything WORTH salvaging, from what’s left of their marriage, as their children are all grown.

As his wedding band loosened little by little each and every day, and, eventually, he’s going to lose it completely, and, after he did, he won’t even recall the PRECISE moment that it’d slipped from his fingers, kinda like how he’d lost track of where they’d gone wrong too!!!

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