Seventh Graders, Sexting

“Almost a quarter of troubled seventh-graders send sexually suggestive photos or words…”~~~Pediatrics, the journal.

And so, if you, parents, still think that oh, they’re NOT doing any harm, by “flirting” (note: this, is still NOT flirting!!!) about how they’re going to do each other via text messages, you MUST be from a world called DENIAL, or, you’re just, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y out there!!!

This, is becoming more and more dangerous, as more and more younger generations of children are doing it, and, it will spread, just like those drugs, infiltrating the campuses, except that this time, the activities are happening COVERTLY, meaning that it is happening, when NOBODY is watching.

So, do NOT think to yourselves, PARENTS, when you find those sexually illicit messages or photos of your daughters, NUDE, with the “receiver” of the text being some guy they’re dating, that “it’s NO big deal” or that it’s like sending those singing bouquets on Valentine’s Day to someone, because it is N-O-T!!!







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