The Teenager, Jeng Was Disciplined, Members of the Cult: NOT My Fault

Call it the CONCLUSIONS of the investigation, from that case where that teenager was ABUSED to DEATH by the cult that his mother was involved in, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The District Attorney’s Offices in Changhwa investigated about the high schooler student, Jeng’s abused to death, yesterday, they’d called in eighteen members of the cult, among them, an electrical engineer, Yeou, was suspected of physically abusing the high schooler; and, the seven members of the teacher’s guild in Bei-Gang Agricultural and Skilled Worker High School, including an instructor, Wang, were all listed as defendants, and the D.A. asked the judge, to increase the bail to $200,000N.T., and the people charged had been increased to nineteen individuals.

Wang yesterday went to class as usual, the police waited until he finished second period, then, they’d gone in and hauled him out, and, many of his coworkers didn’t know what was going on; Wang’s colleague said, that he’d taught math, and is a very good instructor in their view, and usually kept to himself, but recently, his father was ill, so, he’d returned to Kaohsiung whenever he was able to, and the next day, he would come back to school to teach, that he was involved in the case of abuse, and his colleagues are all shocked about it.

The D.A. had interrogated Jeng’s father, Huang, she’d disclosed to them the details of her son’s abuse, the district attorney’s office called in eighteen members of the cult, other than Wang (age 38), Yeou (age 41); and seven others who are students who are still minors, they are ALL witnesses’ children, or the children of the accused, and the police are trying to find out, if they’d all gotten abused or not.

“Someone is disciplining her child, it’s NOT my business”, many of the “followers” told the police, they’d learned that Jeng, the high school student had a spat after supper with his mother last year, on May 18th, and they’d also seen Wu, along with others, helped Huang the mother discipline the high schooler.  A female cult member said, that later, the high schooler was taken to another smaller room, she saw Chiao-Ming Chen in the chair of that small room.

The D.A. claimed that they will be prosecuting the case according to abuse to death, last night, other than taking Yeou into custody, Wang, along with other members of the cult are out on bail of $100,000N.T. and $200,000N.T. respectively.

And so, while they waited for JUSTICE…well, at least, someone IS being held responsible for this teenager getting ABUSED to death, and even though that is still NOWHERE N-E-A-R justice, but that, is as good as we can work this, for now.

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