The Love of His Adoptive Mother Accompanied Him as He Got Older, the Changes in a Rebellious Young Man

Finally coming home, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Wu, who’s of Brazilian descent yesterday, got on a flight from Brazil, and is expected to be back here, in Taiwan, a place he’d waved goodbye ten years ago to.  The family and friends who’d waited so long for his homecoming already planned the trip up to Taoyuan, to pick him up.

“We’d heard that Yi-Hua is coming home”, recently, this, had been the discussion of the small town of Chie-Ding, the alley in front of the uncle, Huo-Yen Wu had been jam-packed, everybody gathered together, to talk about this “happy event”.

Wu’s family started talking about what they’re going to cook for this boy’s homecoming, someone had suggested that each person put out one dish, but they’d worried that it would be too extravagant, in the end, they’d decided, “just cook what Yi-Hua enjoyed the most!”

Wu would be staying at his uncle’s house for three nights, and the aunt, Lee, recalled how he’d recognized his own bed, in these couple of days, she’d busied herself about, tidying up his childhood room, “that way, he’d get a better night of rest.”  The uncle who’d normally hollered about how tired as he’d come home after work, the family discovered, that these couple of days, they didn’t hear him complain, just heard him talked of his own nephew.

The uncle, Huo-Yen Wu had lost sleep these couple of days, “Because I’m too excited about his return”.  Just talked on and on, about Yi-Hua Wu, and, the excitement that he’d had about seeing his nephew again, was shown through his speech.

Ten years ago, Yi-Hua was taken by his Brazilian maternal grandmother from him, it made Huo-Yen Wu felt bad, in the neighbors’ eyes, these couple of days Wu had “become younger, taken years off”.

Lee, the aunt said, that Wu had been a light sleeper, after confirming that that “Young Yi-Hua” is coming home, he’d often wake up in the middle of the nights, lie in bed, stared at the ceiling, or just went downstairs alone to sit.  Huo-Yen Wu said, “Of course I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement, I can’t imagine, that after ten years of waiting, he’s finally coming home!”, the neighbors asked him, what present had he prepared for the nephew, he’d smiled and told them, “it’s a secret”, he’d laughed, “I’m his elder, and he should be the one, giving me presents!”

Yi-Hua Wu returning to Taiwan, to visit his relatives, he will be staying in Taipei for two days, to get adjusted to the time difference, then, he’s heading to Chie-Ding, Kaohsiung to find his roots, to offer incense to his father, other than having a homecoming, he will also visit all the people who cared about him here; he will be returning to Chie-Ding to spend three days there, and on the thirteenth, he is to leave Kaohsiung.

After Wu’s itinerary is set, the group of ten family and friends, including his aunt and uncle, his second cousin, along with his father’s older cousin, along with his uncle’s children, totaling eight people, along with the people who’d helped Yi-Hua Wu stay in Taiwan, the officials.

“Everybody want to see Yi-Hua as soon as he’d arrived.”  The family told, the adoptive mother, along with his older adoptive brother will be accompanying him back to Taiwan, the Wu’s are really thankful toward their kindness to Wu, and so, they’d prepared banners in Chinese and Portuguese as they will wait, by the gate, welcoming the family.

And so, this boy whose mother is a foreigner, with a father who’s a sailor, is finally returned to his roots, and his story is just one of millions of children, who are still waiting for their fathers to come claim them, and this child’s case is still among the lucky.

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