Legally Dead

What’s T-H-A-T?  The moment that a person’s brain STOPPED working?  And, the only thing that’s keeping the individual alive, is the tubes, INSIDE of the person’s arms, stomachs, or whatever?

How, would it be determined, if someone IS, indeed, legally D-E-A-D?  The moment that a person’s BRAINS stopped functioning?  The moment that the individual’s PULSE ceased to exist?  What, would BE considered, as “legally DEAD”?  Being BEATEN, to a VEGETATIVE state?

Legally dead, because the courts realized the individual AS NO longer being able to comprehend, to think, and, how many, based off of THAT definition, would be legally D-E-A-D, based off of this “brand new” definition?

Legally dead, she can NO longer think, and, her brain activities would get reduced, little, by little, each, and every day, and yet, the family still holds on tightly, to the NONEXISTENT hope, that it is possible, for her, to wake up one day, because they are holding too tight, to that barely visible, barely noticeable, slight chance.

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