Denied Weight-Loss Surgery for a Brain Condition

The issue of healthcare, in one of the world’s MOST advanced countries, in the U.S. of A…

Surgery to remove a brain tumor two years ago has left a twelve-year-old girl in Texas with a heartbreaking condition, her brain thought that her body was starving.

Doctors said, that a gastric bypass is the only thing that can save her life, but the U.S. military who provided for the family’s health insurance coverage won’t pay for it because of how young she is.

The parents, and the doctors are protesting the claims to not allow her to get surgery because of how young she was.  The young lady was gaining two pounds every week, and because of her weight gain, she was isolated socially.

Two years ago, Alexis was normal, but she’d developed a rare benign brain tumor, her condition affects one out of every million child per year, so, it is very rare.

Alexis had surgery, gotten rid of the tumor, but, the side-effects of the surgery had damaged her hypothalamus, which caused her to feel hungry all the time.

The family had consulted with numerous experts: nutritionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and the young girl told them that she wanted to die.

And, this happened in the U.S.A., because this girl is said to be too young, and the government does NOT want to cover the procedures, so, they came UP with an assortment of excuses, to NOT get her the assistance that she needed, to have a healthy life, and, surgery might be the thing that WILL save her life, but for now, she is NOT getting any assistance, because the insurance company won’t cover it, and the doctors believed her to be TOO YOUNG!!!










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