Open Up Your Minds, the Roads Open Up, Waiting for You to Take Them

How did someone who’d gone the wrong ways set his life back on track again, let’s see, shall we???  Translated…

Recently, there was a new comer to our watercolor class, he is only twenty-one years old, so we’d all heard.  And what fazed everybody was: so young, and he had the basics in sketching and drawing, what’s he doing in our class of senior people?  Everybody takes an extreme interest in this handsome young lad.

This handsome young lad would sit silently in class, even if the rest of us are holding conversations, relaxing while working, he’d rarely chimed in.  He’d always looked cool, sitting at the far end of the corner in the classroom, focused, getting lost in his own creations.

One day after class, I was the person cleaning up the room, and, just so happened, that there was just the two of us in the class, and I started up a conversation with him.  Turns out, that he was born into an artistic family, his father is a namely painter, and had a large-scale gallery.  Every since he could remember, he was FORCED to take up art, started in sketches, watercolor, then to oils.

After high school, he did what his parents expected him to, attended the art classes, but he’d never done all of this willingly, so he couldn’t become energetic about it.  Later, he’d used show of anger, skipping classes, getting into fights, to voice out his dissatisfactions with life, in the end, the schools called up the parents, had them taken him back home.

The handsome guy believed, that if he could transfer out, blow off his courses, but still get decent enough grades, he could dodge his parents’ plans for him, without knowing, that the notice for enlisting in the army came for him, being a high school dropout, he could only go to the prisons far away from the cities, to serve his army terms.

During the time he’d served in the army, he’d seen a TON of different things in prison, things that he wouldn’t normally have the chance of encountering, and it’d created a ripple in his heart.  He started facing himself truthfully, thought hard about what he wanted in life.

On the day he was relieved of duty, it was like the day of his “rebirth” too.  Returning home, the very first sentence that he’d spoken to his father was, “Please let me continue drawing, I want to live my life according to me, please stop worrying about me.”  The family looked at this child who seemed to have grown up overnight, and they were ALL too ecstatic, they’d given him their total support.

And now, he does not work in his father’s studio, he decided to put himself outside, learn with everybody.  In the mornings, he’d taken the time to study for his college entrance exams, at night, at specific times, he’d headed to our watercolor class, worked hard, perfecting his drawing skills.  Looking at how focused this handsome young lad was, I believe, that he’s already on the road to success, I wish him the best!

And so, this, is the coming-of-age of a young man, because from before, nobody understood him, therefore, he’d acted out, and gotten into trouble, because he didn’t want the life planned out for him by his family, and, the fact that he’d worked in the prison systems must’ve impacted him a lot too, so, you still have someone who’s young, but is already with a TON of real-world living experiences here.











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