The Case Where the Young Boy Was Beaten Until His Intestines Broke in Half, the Boyfriend of the Mother Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

The follow up from that case awhile back, from the Newspapers, translated…

The four-year-old little boy, Hsu was beaten to having broken intestines by his own mother’s cohabiting boyfriend, he was taken to the hospitals, and he was saved.  Hsiao, the mother’s cohabiting boyfriend claimed that he’d never HIT the child, but the boy got placed on the stands and hit his own abdomen, said, “Daddy, Hit!”, the judge believed that the boy’s injuries were caused by external forces, and believed that Hsiao had abused him, yesterday, the judge gave him eight months in prison.

The courts investigated and found, that the mother who worked in a bar, Hsu (age 24), had a baby out of wedlock four years ago, and, two years ago, she’d started dating Hsiao (age 29), and took her son to live in with him in Banciao, Hsinbei City, and the boy called Hsiao “Daddy”.

Last year at around nine in the evening on March 20, Hsiao took Hsu to the bar to work, then, he’d stayed at home with the boy, until 4A.M. the next morn, when he picked up his girlfriend with her son, Hsu found her son to turn his eyes, and he was limp all over, his hands and feet were cold, and he just puked, wanted to take the child to the hospitals, but Hsiao told her, “Just let him sleep and he’ll be all right”.  An hour later, Hsu saw that her son had worsened, and rushed the child to the hospital for emergency resuscitation.

The doctor examined the boy, and found, that there were holes in his small intestines and digestive tracts, and, that the holes were so big that his intestines were about to break in half, immediately, they’d performed surgery on the young child, and they’d notified the domestic violence prevention center right after that, the police came, and arrested Hsiao.

Hsiao denied having abused the boy, claimed that whenever he’d not eaten his meals as he was supposed to, or misbehaved, then that was when he’d slapped the child’s palms, that he’d never punched the kid in the stomach.  And, even though when the boy was put on the stand, he couldn’t clearly state what had happened to him, however, he’d hit his own tummy said, “Daddy (Hsiao) hit.”

The judge investigated and found, that based off of the surveillance footage of the traffic cameras close to where Hsiao lived, the child was still very upbeat and active as they’d taken the mother to work, and, early the next morn, as he was taken to pick up his mother, he was severely injured, and, during which time, there was only Hsiao who’d stayed with him, that Hsiao was the biggest suspect.

And so, another CASE of child abuse that ended in DEATH, and this will keep on happening, because to others, this, is just ANOTHER tragedy, OUTSIDE their side of the “town”………










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    • Thanks, i’d started blogging, at first, it was only to express my own opinions, but through the process of expressing me, I’d realized, that a LOT of people are responding, or rather, having a reaction to my writing, and so, that keeps me going.

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