Putting an End to His Mentally Ill Mother’s Habit of Eating What She Wasn’t Supposed to, a Man Used a Chain Around His Mother’s Neck, Ended Up, Choking Her to Death

This is why, you should NOT be handling it alone, you should ask for help, but for some reasons, you didn’t, and this, is the TRAGIC end of the events, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chang, in order to punish his mentally ill mother for eating things she’s not supposed to, was suspected of using a bike chain, wrapping it around his mother’s neck, locking her into the bathrooms for two straight days, the mother died from suffocation, due to how weak she was getting. The District Attorney’s Office in Taipei yesterday prosecuted Chang based off of private incarceration causing death.

Chang went public yesterday, said that he wouldn’t dodge the punishment for what he’d done, and that he will face whatever punishment the judge had passed down onto him.

He said, that he’d told his mother, tried to advise her against doing the misbehaviors, but she just wouldn’t listen, and, in order to teach her to act better, that, was why he’d locked her inside the bathrooms.  He claimed, that because his mother feared getting locked inside the bathrooms, she’d changed sixty-percent of her own bad behaviors, he’d thought that he’d only needed to punish her once or twice more, then, her misbehaviors would become extinct, without knowing, that it didn’t work out as he’d planned.

The district attorneys investigated and found Chang’s mother to be mentally ill, and because she couldn’t tell right from wrong, she’d committed robbery twice; she’d lived with her daughter for a short while, later, she was placed under her son, Fang-Wei Chang’s care.  Before the events, she and her husband, son, along with her mother-in-law, lived in Shindian, Hsinbei City.

Based off of investigations, Chang who throw trash everywhere in her residence, would eat what she wasn’t supposed to, and Fang-Wei Chang would restrict her activities, had once used a motorcycle lock and placed in around her neck, chained her up inside the bedrooms.  On September 8 of this year, Chang found his mother eating an unknown kind of white powder, he’d chained her neck up with a bicycle chain, locked her in front of the bathroom steel windows.

And, the chain can only be pulled to her nose, so she couldn’t get free, Chang’s mother was tired from standing, so, she’d sat on the showerhead to rest, there was a rice cooker under her feet to keep her standing, but it was inconvenient, and she’d gone to the bathroom and eaten inside the small quarters.

On September 10, after Chang and his father returned home from going outside, they’d discovered the mother dead, and Chang automatically notified the police then, turned himself in; the coroner’s found, that the deceased fell because she could no longer stand, causing the chain around her neck to suffocate her to death.

The forty-year-old man, Chang, who’s NOT married said, that they didn’t have the money, to send his mother to a nursing home, that he’d only wanted to punish his mother from misbehaving, to restrict her movements, without knowing, that he’d killed her.  And based off of the law, private incarcerations causing death is punishable by seven years of prison, or life in prison, and because Chang had turned himself in, the D.A. had asked the courts to lessen his sentence.

And, because this son was at his wits end, and they couldn’t afford treatment for the elderly woman, so, DEATH was what resulted, and, could it have been avoided, sure, but it still wasn’t.


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