Falling Prey to a Good Deal, People Had Wire Transferred Six Times to the Accounts, and, They are NOT Getting the Camera, OR Their Money Back

One of the Deadly Sins, working ITS magic, guess which O-N-E?  It’s G-R-E-E-D!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A ring of scam artists used the name of a technology company in Shanghai, posted an ad, of a camera from Casio, and, on the markets, the cameras are over $25,000N.T. each, and yet, the website only asks for $5,000N.T.; those who have auction sites online were all ecstatic over this, they’d started ordering it in bulk, but afterwards, the seller just wouldn’t send the items out, and used the excuse of how the immigration’s offices had taken hold on the items, that the buyers must pay extra, and there were fourteen people who fell prey to this, losing a total of $1.69 million N.T.

A woman who sold stuff online, Lin (age 26) had ordered two cameras, and wired $10,000N.T. to the account specified by the scam ring, but the person said that the manager said that international orders must have at least fifteen camera orders, gotten her to wire $78,000N.T.; then, claimed that they’re working to up their sales quota, and wanted her to wire more, and that they will return the money back to her later on, and Lin wired another $20,000N.T.

And finally, the shipment was about to come out, and the scammers lied and told her that the items were stuck in the customs offices in China, that they needed to pay to get it shipped, she then wired another $100,000N.T. to them; and later on, the scammers used even MORE excuses to get her to wire six other times on whatever reasons, but after Lin had wired so much over, she still hadn’t received the items, and the other party stopped answering the calls, and that, was when she realized, that she’d been scammed.

There was a high school girl in Hsinbei City that wanted to sell cameras and earn the money, and so, she’d ordered three kinds of cameras, a total of twenty cameras, after she’d wired $100,000N.T., she was so expectant, but, the cameras never got to her; two weeks later, the other person told her by text message, that the items are in hold at the custom’s offices in China that she needed to send more money, she was awakened, and called the police.

The Detective Squad found out, that the scam artist ring posted ads on “Taiwan Wholesales Net”, pretended to be selling brands such as Casio, Apple cell phones, and because the prices are cheaper than at the stores, it’d attracted a TON of people who wanted to buy; then, they’d used I.M. to contact the buyers, and made up excuses such as items are stuck in the customs on their way out of the places of origin, or that there needed to be more fees charged for processing, and the sellers had received all the money, but didn’t send out the items, since June of this year, there were OVER fourteen individuals who came forth to the police about being scammed, and they’d lost a total of over one million dollars together.

The police stated, that the public should examine the comments of the sellers online, and compare the products to the products at the stores to see if there is a difference, and that if the sellers offered something similar, but at a really cheap price, it might be a scam; and that the public should buy the items on the more known sites, and pay when the shipment had arrived.

And, the reason why these people fall prey is still because???  Oh yeah, they want a good deal, and, when a really, really, REALLY good deal came along, they fell for it, without knowing, that you get what you paid for, and that if you’re paying a regular price, chances are, that you’d get a regular priced item, and if you paid for it too cheap, then, chances will be that it won’t be as good, and in this case, you don’t even get the items you’d ordered.








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