A Group of Retired Teachers Got Together, Headed Back into School, to Tutor the Children Who Couldn’t Afford Out-of-School Classes

A story that keeps that flame of hope alive in us, and, that, is what we’re currently in need of in this world today, from the Newspapers, translated…

After the elementary school instructor from Hsinpu Elementary School had retired, she’d noticed that there are a LOT of student in her old school who’d fallen behind in their classes, because of their home situations, and she’d decided to set up a help group, used the time of early morning before school started, to help the kids, in their one-on-one sessions; after school, she’d set up the reteaching classes.  In the ten years that the program had been going, there were nearly one thousand kids from less fortunate backgrounds who’d benefitted, yesterday, Hsu received a award, the certificate for an elite retire instructor.

“What the families can’t do, let us, a group of volunteers, become their mothers, to care for, to watch over, and to instruct them, this, is a meaningful thing that we’re doing here.”, stated Hsu, ten years ago after she’d retired, she’d realized, that the number of children from lower end of the socioeconomic status is on the rise every year,  and these children, because they couldn’t afford to get the help that they needed for their school, fell behind, and this had affected their desires to learn as well.

Holding on to the belief of “Not One Less”, Hsu had gathered a group of retired school instructors, and the ten retired instructors used the time before school, to head to the classes to give one-on-one tutor sessions to the children in need, and, this had helped the children who’d fallen far behind the rest of their classes to catch up.

But Hsu had found, that there are more students who became latchkey kids, that after school, they’re free, nobody watched over them, let alone help them with their assignments from schools; six years ago, Hsu went to a technical college to ask the students there to help her, and put forth a plan of “Hands”, four days of the week, from four to six in the afternoon, there would be one college student, assigned to FOUR children, to help them with their homework.

Most people would believe, that only children are the beneficiaries of these kinds of programs, but, in the process of teaching, the college students learned the keys to communication, and to listen, along with other vital techniques to instruction, “They’d said that they’d learned a LOT, and some had even stayed for four years.”
Hsu mentioned, that children who attended the afterschool tutoring program, some might be unwilling, “but, after getting into middle school, they’d noticed how they’re NO longer behind the rest of the classes, and they’d all gone back and came to thank us.”  There are so many examples such as this one, and it’d given Hsu a sense of purpose, “I hope we can continue this program, to help more and more students.”

And this, is still ALL, from the compassions of one person, the retired instructor, and that just shows YOU how easy, ONE person can change the world, and, it all starts small…







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