Keeping Someone Who’s Already Brain-Dead on Life Support

Here comes, the issue on the RIGHT to DIE…so, here comes the dilemma, it’s still all hypothetical, but very realistic…

Imagine that someone you know (not your direct relatives, but maybe, a friend, perhaps???), for some unknown reason, became brain dead, and, even though the doctors and the nurses at the emergency rooms had done ALL that they could, and still, the person became brain dead, and now, comes the HARD part for the family.

They’re now, trapped, between the decision, of keeping the individual alive, after all, so long as they still have the person with them, physically, the “inkling” of hope is still there, even IF it’s only a false sense of security that they’re living with.

And, the ethics of all of this, is still the debate on the RIGHT to die, I mean, would the person who’s in a coma and brain dead, WANTED to have been kept alive like so, of course N-O-T, and so, who are we, to judge, whether if the family members are RIGHT in the need to keep their loved ones alive, or the individual’s right to a quality of life?

But, personally (and seeing how this is still MY website, my opinion still weighs the HEAVIEST here!!!), I would WANT to be unplugged, if something like that ever happened to me, and, I’d better go and see a lawyer, and get my living will written too………





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