The High School Student Did NOT Use Drugs, He Was, STARVED to DEATH

Here is the LATEST developments of the case where the teen got STARVED to death by his mother who was a part of a C-U-L-T, from the Front Page Section, translated…

The autopsy report of the son of the mother who was a part of the cult, the D.A. found, that there was NO drug inside the son’s system, that he was starved to death, and NOT beaten to death; as for those who had participated in the tortures of this teenager, other than the mother, Hsu, along with Chen, there are two other people, a man, and a woman, who are also involved.

The head of the district attorney’s office in Taichung, Tsai said, that Jeng, the high schooler’s main cause of death was malnutrition, that even though there are wounds only skin deep on him, but NONE of those wounds was enough to kill him, after the autopsy, the coroners concluded, that Jeng was starved to the point that he could NO longer eat anything, which in turn, caused him to be malnourished, and that what killed him was NOT The external injuries found on his body.

As for the eleven pages of “Confession” by Jeng’s hand, at first, the handwritings are normal, then, the words became super sized and it went all over the places, the investigative officers believed that it was because Jeng was too starved, but was still FORCED to write out the confessions, and these couple of pages of his own confessions can show how quickly his health deteriorated in the days before he’d passed.

Based on understanding, the Changhwa District Attorneys and police were still chasing the leads in the case, and they’d found out, that in the eighteen days that Jeng was kept locked up in the Silent Gardens, there were TEN members of the cult who knew of this, and in these couple of days, after the interviews of all ten people, the pieces are slowly, falling into place, in the next two days, the police will call on Chen, Hsu, along with the two individuals who told that they knew the details.

“I kept on questioning, what kind of a force would drive my mother to do this?  Causing her to NOT tell anybody about it.”  Jeng’s older sister spoke yesterday, that yesterday, someone from the cult disclosed to her, that after her brother had died, someone from the cult had told the mother, to ADMIT to everything, and told the police that she’d “over-disciplined” her own son.

She said, that as her mother saw the D.A. showing her younger brother’s autopsy photos, she’d started crying like hell, and, she’d finally told, that there are other members of the cult, who are involved in the tortures of her own son, and this stated, how her mother still felt love for her younger brother, but, there was an unforeseen force, or some persons who’s driving her, coaching her with the answers to the questions of the officers, “My mother must feel tortured, and must be struggling within”.

And, there you have it, and that just shows you, how those who are WEAK easily fall prey, to cult activities, and now, the mother who’d TORTURED her own SON to death is feeling remorseful?  Well, too late for that now, and, the family still tried to speak on the mother’s behalf, and, even IF the woman WAS “brainwashed”, that’s still NO excuse for her to abuse her own child to D-E-A-T-H, no matter how REMORSEFUL she is toward what she’d done right now!!!








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