The “Byproduct” of Carelessness & Dementia

Careful, at the WORST, this, may result in D-E-A-T-H, or putting someone into a permanently VEGETATIVE state…

The “byproduct” of carelessness and dementia, well, the first part CAN be avoided but, it usually wasn’t until it is too little, too late, because, WHO here has the free time, to keep your eyes, GLUED to the elderly at your homes?  Or, to ZOOM in, using that SPYCAM, on your elderly parents’ behaviors, and, even IF you’d seen them doing something B-A-D (still NOT talkin’ ‘bout peeing ALL over their houses though), can you RUSH there in time, to save their lives?  I think N-O-T!!!

And so, more often than not, as careless and dementia “joined together” in UNHOLY “matrimony”, it often results in death, or someone being in a VEGETATIVE state, and, by then, you’ll see the family members, HITTING their chests too hard, crying their E-Y-E-S out, over the demise of their elderly kinfolks………



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Filed under Awareness, Death by Dementia, Death by Negligence, Dementia/Deterioration of the Mind, Despair, Family Matters, Hindsight, Old Age

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