Cracking the Case of the Cult: The Spirituality Meetings Became a Group Torture? Chen Said it Wasn’t

Continued from yesterday, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An instructor who’d gotten OUT of the spiritual group yesterday disclosed to this newspaper, that as the “students” gathered to share their knowledge of what they’d gained from practicing the beliefs, if they’d made NO progress, then, the individuals would get slapped across the faces by the rest of the group, as “encouragements for improvement”, and, a LOT of the “students” couldn’t deal with this, so, a LOT of them dropped out from the group.

This instructor said, that he’d suspected, that that, was how Jeng, the high school student was killed in this group punishment, by accident.

The district attorney’s office and the police of Changhwa raided the headquarters of this cult, “Silent Gardens”, to get the evidence, to see if there are accomplices to the death of the high schooler, and the D.A. had arrested the man in charge, Chiao-Ming Chen, as the plaintiff for the abused to death case of the high school aged boy.  The father of the high schooler, Jeng, also pursued Chen, believed that she had everything to do with his death.  Chen texted her husband, stated that “I’m a loving mother to my child, I would never hurt him.”

The instructor who came forth and told of the activities of this cult, five years ago, heard his colleague talked about, and was introduced to the cult, and joined, and, would go to “class” one day a week on the nights; at first, the meetings were held, freely by the students, and the atmosphere was NOT high pressure, he was comfortable, and enjoyed going.

But later, as the “courses” got adjusted, the students were made to share their encounters of how practicing the teachings of the cult would help them in their separate lives, and if the students couldn’t tell the specifics, then, they would have to admit to the rest of the group, along with Chiao-Ming Chen, that they’d done wrong.

He said, that the “admittance” class would schedule those who hadn’t made improvements to get SLAPPED across their faces by the classes, he once bore witness to three people, slapping one person across the faces, until the one being slapped kept saying that s/he will improve, and kept admitting to not doing well enough.

Who had specified this sort of a physical discipline, the instructor wouldn’t say, just told, that the one who initiated this process is the one who is the most powerful in the group.

Yesterday, Chiao-Ming Chen used text messages to state that this, is a “lie”, stressed how she will wait for the justice department, to return her innocence.

 Now that a HIGH SCHOOL K-I-D had been BEATEN to death, the members of this CULT (b/c that, is what this is???) are still pointing fingers, because they don’t want to be held responsible, by the L-A-W, of admit to themselves, that ALL of them had a hand, in causing this teen to get BEATEN to D-E-A-T-H, and, if what the “student” claimed here is true,, then, why the HELL would anybody willingly “sign up” for this kind of PUBLIC humiliation?  Or, because the individuals are just simply, WAY too W-E-A-K, they don’t have a STRONG sense of the self, so they sought out wrong places to belong in???  I still wouldn’t know here!!!


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