Our youngest daughter kept pleading for a new backpack.
We’d walked around the wholesale place for HOURS, and she’d had the eye for another backpack, it cost twenty-percent MORE than the last one she had the eyes for, I’d bought it for her, with the aching pains inside.
When I’d gone back to return the former bag she’d wanted, my eldest daughter asked me in a hushed voice, if she could get a brand new backpack too?
Even though, my eldest, who is already in middle school, and had a bag from her school, but for the sake of being fair, I’d agreed.
Then my eldest quickly took up a light blue, with the pictures of a dog with big ears printed on it, that cost within the acceptable range.
Turns out, while we shopped for her younger sister’s backpack, she’d already found one for herself too.
After I’d arrived home, I saw how my youngest wouldn’t let go of her new backpack, I’d teased her, “it great, daddy has a business abroad soon, your cool new backpack, I can borrow it!”
My youngest showed her pouty lips, hugged on even tighter to her backpack, said, “No way!”
And, this sort of a “family drama” occurred each and every time I’d brought it up.
My daughter who felt left out said, quite abruptly, “You can ask to borrow mine!”
Without giving me time to react, she’d continued, “I will let you borrow it!”
I couldn’t help but recall, back when my eldest just gotten into middle school, one day, I’d met up with her outside her school.
In the crowd, I saw her for a distance, small framed, with at LARGE, HEAVY backpack, and she’d taken huge strides, as she saw me, with a HUGE grin on her face.
“What sort of a backpack was that?”, I found myself in awe. Even though, the homework assignment books detailed how she’d forgotten this and that by the instructor, and there were ENDLESS practices to finish up on the booklets, along with the problems she’d missed, circled in red by her instructors, to make the revisions…………
“Okay then!” , I’d called out to her in excitement.
I really wanted to see, how her optimistic attitude, her generosity, along with her free attitude toward life, would feel like on my back too.
And so, the two kids are very different, and it’s probably due to the age differences, the younger girl is in the possessive stage, while the older is in the sharing stage, or, it just might be the personality differences in the two children’s temperaments.

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