A World Without Stories

This, is a world without stories, because???  Oh yeah, you STUPID (b/c that, is what you all are!!!) parents are way too busy, making your useless, pointless M-O-N-E-Y (but granted, money had become one of the MOST important necessities in our daily living, hadn’t it???), this, is a world without stories, which “aids” to the NEXT generations of ILLITERATE children, because they got NO one to read to them, they don’t even got those stupid stories on tapes as we had growing up, accompany them to dreams, so, they’d fallen asleep, in a world of silence.

This, is a world without stories, and, if the world continues to NOT read the stories to all the little children out there, well, children are going to become even D-U-M-B-E-R, more quickly, because they WILL “decline”, at the rate, too fast for any of us to calculate, and, this is still all because???  Oh yeah, parents don’t and can’t FIND enough time to spend with their young, because they’re all too focused on making ends meet, but hey, your ends are going to MEET up with you, whether or NOT you like it, but, you get to decide H-O-W you will be meeting up with those ends of yours, so, SET your priorities straight already!!!

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Filed under Awareness, Education, Illiteracy, Values

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