A Man with Too Much Love Online, Lend a Helping Ear to a Teenage Girl, to Lure Her to Give Him Her Body

DANGERS of ONLINE dating, and, how MANY MORE cases must you (b/c I’m still NOT one of Y-O-U!!!) see, before Y-O-U finally GET it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A skilled worker, Huang in the City of Taipei, because he couldn’t get women his own age to like him, he couldn’t get a girlfriend, so, he’d started focusing on the chat rooms, to lure the teenage girls to talk with him, he felt very “at home” doing so; not only was an adolescent girl his steady girlfriend, another teen also willingly had intercourse with him.  The police in the city of Taipei got the call from the adolescent girl’s family, arrested Huang based off of obstruction of sexual freedoms.

Huang, the forty-five year old, was medium built, looked average, worked odds and ends.  As he was called by the police, he’d stated that he had once tried to date women his own age or those who had already started working, but these “cougars” all thought that he didn’t have any good qualities, he couldn’t find love, and that, was why he’d sought out emotional supports from online chat rooms, without knowing, that a TON of underage young girls loved him so.

The police suspected, that the victims might have been “hit” by a serious Electra complex, and started transferring their feelings toward their fathers to Huang.  But Huang stated, that he was only willing to have conversations with these girls, and hearing them talked of their sorrows, and would show care and concerns toward them from time to time, and told them about his own hardships after he’d started working; that he couldn’t imagine how the girls would develop crushes on him, and were willing to have sex with him too.

The police pointed out, that an adolescent girl, about age fifteen, at the start of the year, met Huang through “Beans Chat Room”, Huang showed immense care and concern for her life, and would from time to time, ask her how she was doing; they’d had a great time talking, decided to meet, and, even though Huang was old enough to be the adolescent’s father, they’d still had sex.

This adolescent continued to date Huang, but her grades fell; the school teachers started asking, and found that the girl had made a bad friend online, notified the parents, for them to call the police.  Taipei’s Police Station stepped in, and had called upon Huang, the skilled worker, and found, that there were multiple victims.

The police discovered, that both females, even though, consented to having sex with Huang, but because they were BOTH under the age of sixteen, Huang is now, charged with rape.  The police suspected, that Huang would fish for adolescent girls to meet with him, then have one-night-stands with them, they’d booked Huang based off of obstructions of sexual freedoms, and they will keep looking into the matter, to see if there are MORE victims out there.

And so, you still have a L-O-S-E-R, because he couldn’t get someone his own age to like him, because, let’s face it, older women are a HELL of a L-O-T mature, and they KNOW what they’re looking for in their own lives, and so, this M***ER F***ER (oopsy!!!) started looking at young girls, and, he’d utilized the Electra Complex (thanks a L-O-T, Uncle Siggy!!!) to lure those girls, and, the girls were too vulnerable too, especially at the age of adolescence.


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