After Falling Down the Stairs at Age Three, He Could No Longer Talk, But He Used His Paint Brushes to Reach Out to the World

Life opens another window for this person, after it had SHUT a door, from the Front Page Sections, a story of hope, translated…

As he was just three years old, he’d played with his relatives in the stairways, and, accidentally had fallen down the stairs, Wei,, since then, had lost partial of his reading abilities, had developmental delays, but, the accident had helped inspired him as an artist, he didn’t have any art teachers, just started drawing, and even those paintings he deemed to be failures, people are begging for keeps.

The fourteen year old Wei, since he’d fallen down the stairs, had been tortured nonstop, the family couldn’t face the fact, that the son had become a “handicap” after the fall.  The mother said, that she just couldn’t face it, back when she’d taken him to school in the elementary years, she didn’t tell the school of her son’s disabilities, until the school told her, that he was way behind the rest of the students, did she tell them what had happened.

Wei’s mom said, that she’s very proud of her son, because he owns the best gift in the world, “painting”, even though he couldn’t manage to catch up to the academics, but she will do what she could, to make sure that her son shone in the field of art.

After he was injured, Wei started confining himself inside his own world, but, when he’d picked up a paintbrush, it was as if he’d gotten a second chance at life again, it became the best way he could communicate with the outside world, and he was able to be an influence to his younger siblings as well, the family had set up an art studio for the three brothers and sister, but, the painting, “Teardrops” that he’d done before the family set up the studio was hand selected by the CEO of the Shanghai Bank as a collector’s item.

Yesterday, he’d used the topic of “Women”, and drew out his love and his respect for his mother, and was selected as an outstanding artwork by the social services department; he said shyly, “It’s not that I especially loved my mother, it’s that mom’s are easier for me to draw”., in the future, the Department of Social Services will put every winner’s artwork on exhibition.

And this, is a story of H-O-P-E, even though this young man had become injured to the point that he was handicapped, but that still didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loved, art, and, he was able to find ways to express himself (quite well too, I might add!!!), in an alternative method.


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