The News of His Death

The news of his death, it shocked EVERYBODY, I mean, he was still very young, at the prime of his life, his career just took off too, then, WHAM!!!  Came the news of his death.

The news of his death, he didn’t deserve to die in such a horrid way at all, he was a good man, but, apparently, fate didn’t see him as the good man we all knew.

The news of his death, it hit me, really hard, we were childhood playmates, we grew up in the same neighborhoods, I got out, while he stayed behind, and, we’d lost touch over the years, but, we’d still chatted on the phones every now and then.

And now, I’m HIT, with the news of his death, and, I rushed back home, to his funeral, to pay him my final respects, and, sitting there, as the funeral processions went on, it felt surreal, it’s like he wasn’t at all gone, oh no.

The news of his death, he’d died, too young, he has such a bright future ahead of him too, then, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and, he just withered away, and now, we, all of his friends since the very start of his life gathered up, to give him ONE last show, as we are all a part of a band from our schooling days, and, his funeral was what brought the group back together again.

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