A Sea of Mistakes

A sea of mistakes, I find myself in, and the waves grew strong, and they took me under, and I couldn’t swim, took a few very large gulps of water, and then, everything went B-L-A-C-K!!!
A sea of mistakes, everybody’s seen it, and, some had even, unknowingly, TOOK a dive into it.  A sea of mistakes, I’d seen those ships get taken by those HUGE tidal waves, and that, is why I’d decided to stay on dry land.

A sea of mistakes, you’d swum in for so long, that you now think, that the sea of mistakes isn’t really mistakes at all, you were misled into believing, that they’re nothing MORE than just little mishaps in your lives, but they’re actually not.

A sea of mistakes, how can you swim your way out from it, you’d wondered, how can you make it all right again?  You can’t, you MUST suffer, inside this sea of mistakes of your own making, and you still cannot blame me, for NOT throwing you that floatation device that you can grab a hold onto either.

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Filed under Hindsight, Life, Perspectives, Stupidity, Writing

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