The Salt in Formula Incident, It was the Child’s Father’s Older Brother’s Wife Who Done It

Here’s how the tale developed, from the case where the infant girl drank the formula containing too much salt and ended up dying, from shortly ago???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s a big break in the case where the little girl, Xiang-Xiang had drunk formula with too much salt and died, the district attorneys discovered that the wife of the father’s eldest brother wasn’t getting along with the infant’s mother, and the displeasure that was between the two in-laws had led to this murder, the woman had multiple times added sea salt and refined salt into the child’s formula, causing her to die, and yesterday, the police took the woman in on murder, and erasing the evidence, along with other charges, and asked the courts for custody, which the courts allowed.

The D.A. yesterday called Zhou (age 33) to appear in court, and showed Xiang-Xiang’s photograph to her, asked, “Do you know her?”, “Did you add the salt?”  And Zhou, because she could NO longer stand the tortures of her own guilt, started crying in court, and admitted to what she did.

Zhou told the truth, that from September to October of this year, she’d started spicing up the formula with salt, twice per month, and each time, she’d added NO more than the size of her palm, the investigators asked her if she knew, that having a too high content in salt in one’s diet can cause cardiovascular diseases, Zhou said she didn’t know that.

The judge also asked Zhou in court, “Do you have children?”, she replied, “a son and a daughter”; then, the judge continued, “Are they on formula or on breast milk?”, “On formula”, she’d replied.  The judge then asked her, “Would you spice up the formula with salt, then, feed it to your own kids?”, to which she’d replied immediately, “no!”

Based off of understanding, Zhou claimed that she has two kids in court, but the elders played favorites with Xiang-Xiang, and didn’t love her children the same.  She believed, that Xiang-Xiang’s father would pick on her own daughter a lot, and they got mad at each other, in order to get back at him, that, was why she’d brought the salt from her own home, to add it into the infant girl’s formula.

The D.A. talked with Xiang-Xiang’s parents, relatives, a total of eight others last week, and cross-examined the evidence, and Chen, the mother, had suspected that it was Zhou, who’d added the salt to her daughter’s formula; the D.A. used the process of elimination to zoom in on Zhou, who had the most to gain.

The D.A. searched Zhou’s resident, and took in all the salt as evidence, along with other items; the D.A. received the toxicology report of the infant girl, but the autopsy report was NOT yet out.

The D.A., Deng, called the parents, the grandparents, the aunt and uncle, a total of EIGHT members of the family in.  Based off of understanding, that day, after the police did the investigations and the cross-exams, the mother of the child had told that she and her older sister-in-law had issues, getting along, because of the children, and told, in a round-about kind of way, that it was Zhou who did it; even though Zhou denied it, but from the testimonies of other members of the family, it disclosed how the two women aren’t getting along, the police believed, that Zhou was a suspect.

The detectives also discovered, even though, Zhou had a son and a daughter herself, but she’d felt that the elders in the family loved the infant girl, Xiang-Xiang more than her own children, and she’d thought that the father of Xiang-Xiang would pick on her kids a lot, and they started having spats.  In the period between September and October, Zhou took advantage of the times she was in the infant girl’s house, and added huge amounts of salt into the formula, then mixed it all in evenly, and it killed the child.

And so, that merely shows, that a little anger still goes a L-O-N-G way, and it’s because of how this woman felt that everybody was favoring the baby girl that she’d spiced the formula for, and, it said here, that the parents of this infant girl had some idea of what had happened, and yet, they still went on the press about how the infant formula was the one with the problems.


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