A Twelve-Year-Old Child Didn’t Enroll into School Yet, Turns Out He’d Been Dead Already

There WAS a previous and very similar case to this one from here, awhile back, remember???  From the newspapers, translated…

A twelve-year-old child, Chiu who still had yet to register for school, the district offices notified the police to check it out, the police found, that he had died when he was just two-years-old, his body was buried, in an abandoned burial site; the district attorney’s office did a polygraph on both of the parents, and they’d shown negative results, and so, the police ruled out murder and dumping his body.  But the parents knew how weak the little boy had been, and still, they’d left him at home to die, and they’re now charged with negligence.  But because the statute of limitation had already expired, the D.A. decided to drop the case yesterday.

The D.A. found, that the thirty-two year old Chiu had a baby with her live-in boyfriend, Huang (age 33), and didn’t register the son, the offices helped filed the papers, and used the mother’s maiden name as the child’s last name; but because Chiu hadn’t enrolled in school since he was seven years old, the people at the county office told the police, and the police thought that something wasn’t right.

They’d chased Chiu and Huang down, and found out, that the child had died since 2004, that was a liquor store employee, “Bo” who’d helped them find a funeral home to arrange the burial of the child, and the place they’d buried the body was at a public cemetery, a tomb, where some other dead bodies were dumped, this May, the police opened up the tomb, and found the child’s body, along with the quilt that he was wrapped in, a pacifier, dolls, and a few bags of snacks.

The police talked to the coroner, and all that remained of the child’s body was the bones, and the cause of death can NO longer determined, and all they can do, was to see if there were any fractures; and because the other items had rotted away, the police couldn’t determine the exact place where he was killed at, and because of this limited amount of evidence, they couldn’t say that it was a murder.

The D.A. said, Chiu, in the New Year’s holidays of 2004 had a cold, but the mother went out with Huang, to sell foods, and as they’d come home in the midnight hours, they’d found the child already dead.  Without evidence that showed that Chiu was abused to death, Chiu and Huang took care of the boy, but because Huang had an outstanding arrest warrant, they’d NOT only left the boy at home to die, and they didn’t even take him to the hospitals either.

And so, here, we still have???  Another case of NEGLIGENCE homicide, and this, is still ONE more (and no, he still won’t BE the very L-A-S-T of “his kind” either!!!) case where a child was LEFT to D-I-E, but, because the police couldn’t KNOW for sure that there was any “foul play”, the parents will probably just get that minor SLAP on the W-R-I-S-T!!!











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