The Verdict that Came Too Late

She was raped, then left out in the wide open, to D-I-E, she was air-lifted to the hospitals, there, she was placed on life support, while the rapist was still “at large”.

The loser was caught, and, he was tried, and found guilty, by a twelve members of his peers (not rapists though…), and, right before the verdict was read, the woman breathed her final breath, and died.

The verdict that came too late, it was heart wrenching, for the family to bear, it was, belated justice, sure, but, they’d rather have their child, granddaughter, niece, sister, back in their arms, but that, is NOT possible, for she had died, waiting for justice.

The verdict that came too late, but H-O-W?  Where’s  the JUSTICE in that???  And, how will the family EVER get OUT of the sorrows, of the death, that was brought on, lengthened, by the verdict that came too late???






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Filed under Crime & Punishment, Despair, Issues of the Society

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