Believing in Some Remedies? The Police Searched Her Maternal Grandmother’s House

An on-going investigation, of the case where the baby DIED after drinking formula with too much salt, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A. ruled out manufacturer and packing errors, and will compare the makeup of the salt in the family’s usage, the infant girl’s maternal grandmother denied having added the salt in the formula, was released after the police interviews.

The detectives chased the leads on the infant death, suspected that the family members believed in a rumor of how salt can help ease gas in children, yesterday, they’d searched the maternal grandmother’s house, asked the grandmother, and cross-checked the salt that she’d used at her house, but the real reason will only be out when the chemicals get analyzed; and the detectives still isn’t ruling out that it might be done by others outside the family.

After the police took away the formula along with related evidence at the infant girl’s house, they’d realized that the salt found in her formula doesn’t match up to the makeup of the salt found in the house, they’re now suspecting that someone else from the family had added it in by mistake, the Taipei District Attorney, Deng yesterday, took a search warrant to the grandmother’s place, and took several items from her house into custody.

At seven in the evening, they’d sent the grandmother who was taken to the station away.  Based off of what they’d told us, the grandmother denied having added the salt.

Related officials disclosed, that based off of remedies from the locale, when you’d added salt to the child’s diet, it will alleviate their gas problems.  The investigators now believed that it was the family members who wanted to help ease the child’s gas conditions, that they’d added salt, but they’d added too much of it, causing the child to D-I-E.

The office manager of the Taipei District Attorney’s office, Huang stressed, that the case is still build on “evidence”, and the reason for the search is merely to clarify some details, and nobody had been listed as the defendant yet, so, the public should NOT make statements about it, and the child’s autopsy results had yet to come out too.

After the case of the formulas, in order to clarify the details of this young infant girl’s death, the D.A. had made a visit to the south, to the packing factories in Kaohsiung, to see the packing plants and the processing plants, and to take a note of how many cans were sold.

And because the formulas were manufactured in foreign places, plus, after sending it all into be examined, only the infant girl’s formula had been found to have excess salt, they’re ruling out contaminations in the packaging, and will now, zoom in on the people that the infant girl’s been in contact with.

Up to now, the police had already interrogated the infant’s paternal grandparents, the maternal grandmother, the parents, the older brother, sister-in-law on the father’s side, along with the father’s sister, a total of eight members of the family.

And so, the case is still UNDER investigation, and that just shows you how you should NOT believe those tall tales about those homemade remedies, curing problems in your child, after all, she was, only an INFANT, and, what’s acceptable in our systems, may be too much for this young child’s body to process, and she’s still D-E-A-D, due to SOMEONE’s (we just don’t know W-H-O yet!!!) carelessness.








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