A Series of Misfortunes

Let’s see, you still have???  Oh yeah, over a MILLION chance of it hitting you here, translated…

She’d calmly described what had happened, NOT too long ago, in the death of her own son, and we were all stumped, on what to say, to try to console her.

She is very popular, in her group of friends, everybody loved her, because she’s understanding, kind, helpful to others, with a GREAT deal of tolerance for others.

After she wed, she’d had two kids, her son fell very ill at the tender age of twenty, seen a TON of doctors, visited a TON of temples, the parents tried EVERY way to make him better, but, NONE of their methods proved to be fruitful.  After years, he was diagnosed as having a mental disorder, and needed to be on medication for the rest of his life.

Afterwards, she’d passed her days in working, taking care of the household, taking her son to treatments, in a few short years, she’d ended the marriage with her husband, then, she took her kids, and they became all each other had, even though, the pressures of life is really great, she’d still held on to her optimism, with a sense of strength, to pass it all, and she’d gotten a TON of praises from her friends for it too.

Awhile ago, her son was out with his friends, and got into a car wreck, lost his life.  She’d gotten through his funeral, but, as she was sorting through his belongings, she finally melted down.  She said, that the child was really gentle and kind, had accompanied her for multiple years, how could it be, that in just a short time, they’d become separated by the heavens?  She knew, that she must live, for her other son, but, recalling the life of the son who’d died, or when she’d seen similar reports on the news, she couldn’t stop her tears from overflowing.

As strong as she, she’d still need a shoulder, but gladly, everybody gave her her/his care and concerns and warmth, hoping that the smiles will shortly return to her, and I hope, that in a short while, we’ll all hear her laughter again soon.

Losing a child is NEVER easy, especially after you’d raised him up, and, this woman had a difficult life already, and now, she must carry forth, with this LOSS inside her heart, and one can and will NEVER get over the death of one’s own offspring, you can only cry when you feel like it, and mourn, I know, because I’d lost MY daughter too here!!!

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