My Son’s Home Ec Assignment

The education of the young, translated…

One night, my son who’s in middle school, came to me, with a piece of cloth, a couple of different buttons, a needle, threads, asked me to help him out.  Because if he didn’t turn something in tomorrow for his home ec class, he’d get a zero for the class time.

A lot of my son’s classmates had asked their grandmothers or mothers to do their home ec assignments, and he too, wanted me to help him finishing sewing the buttons for his class.  As I was about to drag my tired body to bed, I was angry at my son’s putting his homework off until the last minute, I’d still kept my patience, as I’d told him, how he must learn to do everything on his own.

The three types of buttons, I’d demonstrated how to sew them on for him each, and, let him take over the rest.  Him, being the first time, working with a thread and needle, clumsily and slowly, sewed the buttons on, and sometimes, he would accidentally prick himself, and let out a loud yelp.  And because this, was his first sewing, it was not smooth, nor pretty looking, but, if the instructor is intelligent, then, she would know for sure, that the student had done it himself.

Some parents would put up the money for their children to go to cram school, and would pick them up come sleet or rain, or hail, took care of the household chores on their own, NOT allowing the children to help out, just had the kids focused on the schoolwork, without making sure that they knew how to take care of their own daily living.  Think about it, one day, the kids will leave the parents, and go out to study, or to work, if you don’t’ train them on the basic life skills and the ability to react to different situations, when the day comes, how will they able to spread their wings, and soar?

And so, this, is a parent’s view on why she didn’t help her son with his home ec assignment, and, she is right, because a LOT of parents have to work, and so, they’d hurried their kids along, like for a child in kindergarten who SHOULD be learning to tie her/his shoes, the parents, because they’re running late for work already, so, they’d bent down, and tied the shoes for the kids, depriving their children of that learning experience, and, as the kids got older, the parents would still be acting in this mode, and, still did EVERYTHING for their children, and, in the end, the children would become thirty, forty, fifty year old adult children who still could NOT take care of their own businesses, because they weren’t given a chance to practice those VITAL survival skills when they were younger!!!


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