A Grandfather Raped His Own Sixth Grade Granddaughter While His Son Was Away, Serving Time

From the newspapers online, translated…

A seventy-two year old elderly man, after his son went into prison to serve time, he’d raped, molested his sixth grade young granddaughter, he claimed that it was his daughter-in-law, who asked her child, to falsely accuse him of such atrocities.  But the grandson testified that he did see his grandfather, raping his older sister, and the elderly man was sentenced to ten years in prison, along with having to pay $700,000N.T. for the damages he’d done to his own granddaughter.

This pair young siblings, were placed in the grandfather’s care, after the mother divorced, and the father went into prison.  The sixth grade girl stated that one morning, the grandfather took the advantage of the time when the grandmother was out for exercises, woke her up, in the name of getting them up for school, but instead, he’d stuck his hand into her shirt, and had sexually molested her too.  She was so scared, because her grandfather was the one, raising them up, she could only keep quiet.  The next year, she’d entered into middle school, and the grandfather disregarded the fact that her younger brother was sleeping close by, he had molested her again, she’d turned over to try to escape, but he was successful, in undressing her, and raping her.  And, she couldn’t take it anymore, so that, was why she’d called up her mother, and told, and decided, to pursue her grandfather in court.

The elderly denied having raped and molested the sixth grade girl, told the court, that it was her own mother who wanted to get back at them, that, was why she’d made such accusations.  But, the fifth grade younger brother testified, that he saw his grandfather sexually molest his sister.  And one time, the grandmother walked in, on the grandfather, raping the girl, she’d scolded him, “I’d known about it a long time, I just didn’t want to say anything”.  The younger brother felt sorry for his sister, but he didn’t want to get beaten up, so that, was why he’d kept silent for so long.

The judge believed that the siblings had nothing BUT gratitude toward the grandparents for raising them, that they did NOT need to frame the grandfather, that unless she’d experienced it all firsthand, there was NO way she could’ve described what had happened to her in such vivid details.

On the criminal court front, the elderly was sentenced to TEN years in prison, this, is still being appealed, while on the civil case front, the elderly was mandated to pay $700,000N.T., and he was displeased, and is getting it appealed right now.

The highest civil court in Tainan believed, that the victim, because her parents were divorced, and was lacking love, and the elderly man was her grandfather, not only did he NOT take care of her, in order to satisfy himself, he’d raped and molested her, causing her pain, and afterwards, he had NO sign of remorse, and after taking into consideration his economical wellbeing, decided that the amount was right, and thus, tossed back the man’s appeal.

One more day, at the FAMILY COURT C-I-R-C-U-S here, and, if you ask me, but, who asked Y-O-U (exactly!!!), the judge should just throw the elderly INTO prison, and let HIM rot there, until he D-I-E-D.  This elderly, NOT only did he hurt his own granddaughter, when confronted, he’d still TRIED to weasel his way out?  And that just shows you, how UNSAFE it may be, leaving your kid, in the hands of their grandparents, but, NOT all grandparents are EVIL like that, and, the grandmother, she’d become the enabler, because she pretended NOT to see anything, and so, if you ask me, she too, should be serving that SENTENCE (oh wait, there wasn’t one!!!) right beside her hubby.









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