Giving Up Your Rights is Synonymous to Divorce

Is it now, really??? A Q&A, translated…
Q: a single mom, W, who’s been divorced for over ten years, but still kept in touch with her ex, wrote about her troubles…
After they’d divorced, even though she’d NOT lived in the same house as he, he would still come back once a week, from the two kids were small, to now, when they’re about to go abroad to study, this, had been their mode of interaction, and W had also had the keys to his place too.
But recently, he’d taken up with someone, W was angry and felt taken, and would head over to his place a LOT to confront the other woman, and this apparently, had made the ex angry too, he wanted his keys back, and said, that if she ever wanted him to come back home, then, she should shut up. W became upset and depressed, after all, she’d given him thirty years of her life, and, how many thirty years can a woman have?
A My Opinion
Even though I have NO clue as to why W got divorced, and why she’d kept her relationship with her ex as such, but I still must say: a LOT of women had signed the papers for divorce so abruptly, and, after the divorce, they’d still kept with their exes, like when they were still married, and, they believed, that they’re as they used to be, still had sex, and the ex would give them allowances for their livelihoods, that it was the exes ways of taking care of the family, and so, the women may become somewhat confused, believed that this, was natural, even forgot, that other than the agreements they’d made for their divorces, they’d already given up the rights of the spouse already—meaning that they do NOT have the rights to interfere with the other person’s keeping various friends, or taking up with another.
Madam W is seemingly, trapped in this situation: she wanted to get the love back, but the ex rightfully claimed the laws, she had NO right to show up at his place, or to confront the “other woman” anymore, in this race, she’d already forfeited.
Maybe, it was because of the economics or she’s simply lonely, she MUST force herself to accept his deal: to NOT show up at his place to confront, to NOT argue with him about it, to NOT think about resolving this issue. But I MUST remind W, “if your ex remarries, then, you’d become the ‘other woman’!” Please, do THINK deeper, into this possibility, in emotion and economics, think of a way to help yourself, that, would be the right way to go, it’s NO time for self-pity right now!
And so, this, is a woman who regretted having divorced in such a rash way, and, because that, was the way they were before they actually finalized their divorce, the woman blindly thought, that it will go on forever, that her ex will keep on coming back, but, he’s found another, which meant, that this woman is totally, OUT of the picture now, and naturally, she didn’t want to give up what she had with him, and so, she’d kept going back to him, and this, is just really B-A-D!!!

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