A Father, Taking His Own Angers Out on His Son, the Four-Year-Old Child, After Two Hours of Beating, Became a Vegetable

Once again, we still have???  Oh yeah, an EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE parent, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A skilled worker, Hsu has a bad temper, after he got drunk, he took his angers out on his four-year-old son, wanted his son to practice running, and then, he’d tripped him from behind, and had used his fists and beaten the child’s chest cavities, rammed his head against the walls, used his cigarettes and burned the child, in two short hours, he’d managed to turn his upbeat, active four-year-old son into a vegetable, the D.A. prosecuted the man based off of damages done to the child.

Hsu (age 41) claimed, that he was drunk that day, and he had NO recollection of hitting, beating, and abusing his own son.  The D.A. found out, that after his son had passed out, he paid NO mind, didn’t even check on the child, just went back into the bedroom, to sleep, later, it was the wife who’s rushed the child to the hospitals.

Hsu’s wife, at the D.A.’s investigation, told them, “My husband would get angry after getting drunk and I too, got beaten up a lot, I couldn’t even save myself.”, every time she’d attempted to get her husband to STOP beating the child, the husband would bark back at her, “Keep your mouth SHUT, or else, I’d beat you up too!”, she was helpless, and could only duck for cover, she felt that she didn’t do enough to protect her own offspring.

The D.A in Taoyuan found, that Hsu was hotheaded, and couldn’t control his own behaviors after he’d gotten drunk, is unreasonable, and the wife and child had been living under his long-term abuse of them, the wife was beaten to the point that she didn’t even FIGHT back anymore, and the four-year-old son also became HIS punching bag.

In August of this year, he’d returned home after getting drunk, early in the morn, was pissed off at how slow the son learned, that he needed some discipline, woke the child up, to have him run laps, when the son was slowing down, he’d tripped the child or pushed him on purpose, then started screaming at him, “GET BACK UP, start running again!”, he had worked his son so bad, that the child had bruises on his hands, arms, wrists, legs, ankles, and feet.

At three in the morning on September first, Hsu returned home from drinking once more, he’d waken up his son, to listen to him rant, he thought that the child wasn’t carrying a good posture, pushed the child’s chest several times, causing the child to fall backwards, and hit the back of his head, after the child got up, he’d rammed the child’s head against the walls, the child became unconscious, after the child woke, he had then, used his cigarettes, to burn the child’s hands, and, in two short hours, he’d managed to abuse his son, into a vegetative state.

And if this, isn’t bad enough, I don’t know WHAT would be!!!  And, the problem is still in the FATHER, he’s the one with the VERY low E.Q., he’s the one who took the badness, the displeasures he’d had for the entire day out, on his WIFE and child, and, this was still NOT the very first time he’d beaten them up too, it’s just that the child got BEATEN, into a vegetative state, that, was why you’re hearing about THIS particular case.



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