Unidentified Victims, Buried, in Mass Graves

Hey, at least we’re NOT leaving those dead bodies, lying, everywhere on the streets now, are we?  Nope!!!
Unidentified victims, buried, in mass graves, and that, is the BEST we can do, after all, this, is ONE of the biggest storms E-V-E-R, and, as the government that’s just WAKING UP (b/c NOBODY gives a FUCKING SHIT!!!), slowly sends out the national guards or whatever, to the areas that had been hit the hardest, the number of dead bodies are piling UP, sky-high here.

Unidentified victims, buried, in mass graves, that, is what will happen, to all those who were taken, and, because the number of the deceased is increasing by every single second, as we needed to make MORE room, for those babies, being POPPED out at the rate of thirty thousand per second, we just don’t have the time, to give the deceased, a proper burial, and given the families the allotted time to M-O-U-R-N.

So yeah, we will, keep on, throwing those DEAD, unidentified victims, into them mass graves, as land and space had become more and more precious these days, and, we’d eventually, become the ground too ourselves, and, people will walk all over, you and me one day, but, I still got a pulse, so, that ain’t NOWHERE N-E-A-R happenin’, NOT just yet, anyways.


Filed under Awareness, Hindsight, Tragedies in the World

2 responses to “Unidentified Victims, Buried, in Mass Graves

  1. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for social media slave

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