Losing Her Red Cloak

This, was what EVENTUALLY (what, I DID say: “eventually”!!!) happened, to that little girl, wandering through the forest, with the LURKING, BIG BAD wolf!!!

Losing her red cloak, she didn’t even recall when, or where, or how!!!  Losing her red cloak meant that she’s NO longer with the love from her Granny, after all, Granny WAS, devoured by the Big Bad Wolf that time as she’d fallen ill.

Losing her red cloak, everybody knew, that she was NEVER going to maintain her innocence, and, she’d been pretending to live as a virgin, for LONGER than she’d been one.  Losing her red cloak, Little Red was actually, DUMB enough, to believe, that that red cloak was NOTHING more than JUST a piece of clothing, but, it wasn’t, JUST, a piece of clothing, NOT to someone who put so much work, into knitting, and sewing it up, for her………

Losing her red cloak, she’d NEVER found it again, the wind, it blew it (the red cloak???) away, out of sight, out of Little Red’s reaches, and, she (Little Red) had been, searching for it (the cloak???), NONSTOP for years, and, she’d become this OLD woman, when she came to, the same way that her Granny Red had appeared, as she’d fallen ill, that time that her mama had her take that basket of wine and bread to visit her, where she’d met the Big Bad Wolf, for the very first time, in her way too young to recall, life…


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