A Happiness that is Stripped From You

From the Front Pages, translated…

“If God allowed you to decide your child’s sexual orientation, would you what your child to be homosexual, or heterosexual?” the representatives who are against same-sex marriages awhile ago tossed this question onto the floor, later, he’d answered his own questions by replying, “Most parents would NOT choose their children to be homosexual.”

Looking back at the gender equality movement awhile ago, in the patriarchal society of the past, women had been objectified to NOTHING more than “machines” for reproduction, even seen as subordinates to men, how many people were FORCED to live under the rules of men are superior to women, and, the pressures of NOT having a daughter grows greater.

The feminism rights activist, Simone de Beauvoir, in her classic work “The Second Sex” stated, that “Women are NOT born, they’re ‘made’”.  In other words, women cannot choose their biological sex, but, the society’s stereotypes toward women, that, is made by the environmental influences.

And now, the same-gender, cross-gender individuals are considered to be minorities, wouldn’t there also BE sacrifices in this bondage of system?

And so, if there are parents who are unwilling to give birth to gays, wouldn’t it because they’re worried that the current system wouldn’t change, and so, the prejudices existed, and, without getting rid of the prejudices, their children’s lives are going to get harder, as they grow older?

And, if laws are the LOWEST of morality, then, “All men are created equal” should be the most BASIC of all requirements that people hold of the law, and of human rights.

Children can’t choose their sexual orientation, just like how they can’t select their sex, the colors of their skins, the way they looked.  We should NOT ask the parents, “What kind of children do you hope to have?”, instead, we should ask the world, WHAT sort of an environment, can you give the kids to grow up in?  A world filled with discrimination, or a world where everybody IS treated equally, compared to one another?

The amendment of “Equal rights marriages” pushed forth by groups in the country, along with some lawmakers is not only to legalize same-sex marriages, but also, to get those who have other forms of sexual orientations, their basic human rights, this, is not giving to charity, nor is it a special kind of rights.

How much time did we already spent, battling gender equality, equal races, equal treatments for handicapped individuals, how many innocents had we sacrificed for this “cause”?  to slowly for this world that we live that’s mostly free right now?  And now, there are still holes in the systems: how would those with other gender specifications have the right to marry, and to find back their stripped human rights?

This, once again, is still someone’s OPINION, and, for those of you who are “old school”, you may think that marriage IS only between a woman and a man, but hey, who’s to say, that the “institution” (check me in, right N-O-W!!!) of marriage IS between a woman, AND a man, I mean, what if, you were BORN into the WRONG body?  Growing up would be HARD enough, and now that you’re grown, you still MUST deal with the society’s looks, because you ARE different.  Think about that, and, until you can LOOK at everybody as the SAME kind of folks, you are still NOT “equalized” yet!!!


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