Children Who Were Raised in Such Families, Where are THEIR Rights???

The “aftermath” of the PREVIOUS “debate”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was a motto from the Gay Rights Parade, “Against same sex marriages?  Then DO NOT marry someone from the same sex, then, just SHUT UP!”, at first look, this, is seemingly reasonable, other people are pursuing what makes them happy, who are you, to STOP them?  They’re NOT hurting anybody, are they?

And still, what about the rights of children who were adopted by these same sex parents?  A LOT of psychological and anthropological papers points out that in a child’s growth processes, s/he needs both the love from the mother AND the father, and their self-concepts are formed, from the differences in their parents’ genders, along with the parents’ differences in their points of views, if they lacked the similar conditions in which they’re reared in, the children might grow up to face self-loathe and the fear of getting discriminated by the society.

The supporters of this new-age untraditional family sated, that if the child shows issues in confusion of the concepts of oneself, the one to be blamed, should NOT be the child’s family backgrounds, instead, it’s the society that’s made up of the majority, that’s BULLYING her/him into submission.

And this, is a valid point of view, but we can blame the responsibilities onto the society that’s discriminating against the child, but we cannot deny, that the discrimination in the world will ALWAYS exist, and the issues of self-concept is there for sure, and when the children face these kinds of challenges in their lives, the supporters of these ideals can’t give the proper kinds, or amounts of support to these kids.  This meant, that as homosexual individuals go after their own happiness in life, they may be putting their next generations in jeopardy.

And so, because this “gay rights movement” is still quite new, just like the rights of different people was in the ‘60s???  And, it would be confusing, if a kid was raised by two mommies and no daddies, or two daddies and no mommies, and, the peer pressure that this child faces will be very heavy, but, so long as the mommies or daddies give the child the support s/he may need, then, the kid is still going to become very WELL-adapted to the world, and so, in MY opinion, b/c this, is still MY “space”, I don’t think that the issue of how kids will grow up under same-sex parents is going to make them ill-adapted in the world, but hey, that, is still just MY opinion, feel free to agree, OR disagree!!!














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2 responses to “Children Who Were Raised in Such Families, Where are THEIR Rights???

  1. If you only allow ideal parents who will give a good experience to their children, prepare for population collapse.

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