Start Exploring Your Futures at Age 14

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Swiss Federal Councilwoman, Marianne Streiff who started out as a teacher started talking of how the education system in Switzerland was a success, that its focus is NOT the belief of how you needed to go through college to become successful, she said, that even if you were just an apprentice at a technical school, you’d still have to go through serious examinations on every level to get to the very top, and this helps the students better understand where their interests are.  So long as you’re willing, there will always be more opportunity to enrich one’s own life.

Streiff led the reporters from this paper personally into a car repair shop in Berne, Switzerland, seeing how sixteen, seventeen year olds would follow the master, using their hands to operate the equipments, manufacturing the parts for various well-known car companies all over.

Streiff said, a lot of students from other nations would find internships at factory, but most countries often believed that that, was the route for those who couldn’t make good enough grades; in Switzerland, “there are still many smart and intelligent people who are going through trainings as they worked their jobs”., and that, is what makes the education in Switzerland a huge success.

Streiff explained the situation further, that Switzerland has a high standard for all of its students, whether it be going to a technical institution or college, one must pass through a series of examinations; every level must be right after the next, in order to train the best of the best.

There is a low unemployment rate for youths in Switzerland, Streiff believes that it is because the education there had allowed everybody to find her/his own direction in life when they were younger.  She told, that starting in the seventh grade, the school instructors would introduce children to a wide variety of occupations and take them on field trips to various factories, so students would get a real-life look at what each occupation entails.

Some children, at the age of fourteen, fifteen are still unsure of what they want to do with their lives, and every area has stations with experts, helping them find out, to help the youth find an area of interest and a job for later on; through this early training, it allowed everyone, upon entering the workforce, fully equipped.

Streiff said, that the councilmen have a high and common consensus for the education, and rarely anyone would ask the budget for this to be cut, because all the councilmen know, that investing in education is a good thing for the nation.  Other than input from the government, when the corporations are hunting for people, the corporations must pay as well, including the students’ chances of interning under a master, or to put up the funds for the doctoral students for their researches.

And that, would be a GOOD nation, because this place NOT only help children discover their paths at that young an age, it also help fund their education, and there are just NOT enough nations that are doing this.


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